29 april 2022 11:46

Tele2 expands their collaboration with Reach for Change

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Tele2 has worked together with Reach for Change for over 10 years, improving the lives of 4.3 million children and youth through direct support to social entrepreneurs and their organizations. This collaboration is now being expanded in line with Tele2's ambition to be a leader within sustainability and Reach for Change's global impact goal of reaching 30 million children and youth by 2030.

“To achieve the UN’s Agenda 2030 goals we need to strive for change across all sectors. We believe that Tele2 can make a bigger difference by deepening our collaboration with Reach for Change and by learning from each other. In addition, this will be an important way to engage people on sustainability internally”, says Erik Wottrich, Head of Sustainability at Tele2.

Tele2 has supported Reach for Change's development program for social entrepreneurs for over 10 years. The organizations have also accomplished specific projects together in Sweden for newly arrived and unaccompanied children and youth. Tele2 and Reach for Change are now deepening their collaboration to achieve the organizations’ respective goals, whereby Tele2 wants to be a leader within sustainability and Reach for Change aims to reach 30 million children and young people globally through their work by 2030.

“Since our establishment in 2010, Reach for Change has worked closely together with the business sector. As the world evolves, it is clearer now than ever that we need to use each other's strengths to pass on a better world to our children and young people. That is why it is so exciting to be able to deepen our collaboration with such a leading player in sustainability as Tele2”, says Sofia Breitholtz, CEO of Reach for Change.

The new collaboration consists of four parts:

1. Expert assistance to a selected social entrepreneur in the development program, whereby Tele2 provides year-long in-depth support in areas that lie close to Tele2's core business and that can help the entrepreneur to accelerate their development. In 2022, the organization Locker Room Talk will receive this extra assistance. Locker Room Talk provides targeted, group-based education for boys and coaches within team sports and schools locker rooms to support increased value-based leadership, non-discrimination, and emotional intelligence. Locker Room Talk works with virtual reality as a tool for providing training to coaches and other youth leaders. With the help of Tele2's mobile connectivity, the organization will be able to reach more people with their programs and methodologies.

2. All social entrepreneurs supported by Reach for Change will be offered free mobile connectivity.

3. Available training for the social entrepreneurs from Tele2 employees in the form of workshops and training in their areas of expertise. Employees will also be involved in specific assignments for Reach for Change's social entrepreneurs, which can be anything from website development to the development of sales strategies.

4. Advocacy work whereby the organizations will work actively together to increase awareness of social entrepreneurship and "tech as an enabler” through, amongst other things, roundtable discussions and events.

“To be selected as the first organization to receive in-depth support and advice from Tele2, thanks to Reach for Change, comes at just the right time as Locker Room Talk will release several new activities in 2022 and with this support we can step up our ambitions”, says Shanga Aziz, co-founder of Locker Room Talk.


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